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Is Content a Google Ranking Factor?

Is Content a Google Ranking Factor?


Yes, content is king, but is it also a Google ranking factor? Have you ever wondered what our favourite search engine, Google, thinks about unique and SEO-optimized content?

There’s a reason why people believe that content marketers will eventually rule the world. This is due to the fact that content is an important part of digital marketing and SEO strategies. Of course, you can’t use SEO if your website doesn’t have any content.

Plus, if you don’t use any text, pictures, music, or videos on your pages, your visitors won’t get any value. But here’s the main question: is content a ranking factor for Google?

Google Ranking Factors – What we Know   

The criteria used by Google to evaluate search engine result pages are known as Google ranking factors. This is done to determine the most relevant results in the best order for a search query.

SEO requires a thorough understanding of Google’s ranking factors. In fact, ranking factors should be familiar to all content writers, SEO strategists, and marketers because they help in the creation of a better user experience.

What About the Number of Google Ranking Factors?

There are over 200 ranking factors, not just one or two. What else is there to say? Since 2006, Google has made nearly a hundred thousand algorithm changes.

SEO testing has changed with each update. A few Google ranking factors are listed below.

  1. Domain specific Keywords
  2. Keyword density
  3. Page loading speed
  4. Useful content
  5. Quality of links
  6. The URL’s length
  7. Originality of content
  8. In-depth, high-quality content
  9. Bounce rate

Oh, there’s a lot of talk about content. Even factors that do not contain the term “content” rely on it in the end! For example, there can be no keyword density without content on your page.

What are the Most Important Google Ranking Factors?

Your brand’s exposure will undoubtedly improve if you have a strong online presence in both paid and organic search results. However, you’ll need a high Google ranking for that.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important Google ranking factors!

Page Load Time

Nobody has the patience to wait for pages to load that take longer. As a result, a high bounce rate is possible.

Did you know?

The bounce rate rises to 38% if the page load time is 5 seconds. If the website load time is 8 seconds, 59 percent!

Users want a smooth experience, therefore page speed is an important factor. The bounce rate will increase and the ranking will decrease if the page takes too long to load. As a result, ensure that your pages load quickly.

Internal Links  

Crawling and indexing multiple content pieces on a website is how search engines work. Internal links are used by these crawlers to properly analyse and index the information.

Do you have any idea what internal links are? These are hyperlinks on your website that lead to internal pages.

URL Structure

Although the URL may appear simple, the way you format it has a big impact on your search engine rating.

A jumbled URL makes it difficult for the search engine to understand the page.

Do you understand what an SEO-friendly URL is? It’s the one with a simple structure, the target keyword, and is concise. Is it, however, necessary to use a keyword?

When the search engine says so, that is! According to Google

“Urls that contain phrases that are relevant to the content and structure of your site are friendlier to people navigating your site.”

And last but not least, high-quality content.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: content is a Google ranking factor. When it comes to the most important Google ranking factors, content is towards the top.

Google will give you a higher ranking on search engine result pages if you can create unique, helpful, and original content for users.

Google is a sucker for high-quality content. You can’t expect high rankings no matter how well-optimized your site is if the content quality is poor.

So, what does Google consider to be quality content?

Unique, Original and Valuable 

Unique and valuable content is appreciated by Google. You should generate content that is both original and addresses users’ questions.

No, copying and pasting the content isn’t a good idea because it can impact your SEO. For starters, Google will not index or rank your webpages. Google will slow down crawling if you continue to submit copied content.

Up-to-date and the latest

Another strategy to improve content quality is to keep it updated and fresh. You provide a positive signal to the search engine by regularly adding new information.

When it comes to covering issues that involve breaking news or current events, content freshness is critical. Google prefers pages that provide the most up-to-date information on such issues.

For instance, if you’re writing on the global health problem, Google wants you to provide the latest news and research.

Content structure

You should pay attention to the content structure in addition to freshness and uniqueness. Believe us when we say that if you write blocks of content, no one will read them.

As a result, you should use smaller paragraphs with no more than 3–4 lines, as we do (wink, wink)! To arrange your content, be sure to use numerous headings and subheadings (H2, H3, and H4).

Is there evidence, however, that content is a Google Ranking Factor?

No, there are none.

But, without content, can you look for anything? No, we don’t believe so. Google looks at content in multiple different ways because it is so important to how search works.

Our Verdict on Content as a Google Ranking Factor

It’s quite evident. Premium content is very important to Google, and it is a major ranking factor. But we also understand that producing high-quality, original, and unique content isn’t for everyone.

Don’t worry

To get content that ranks and sells, you can always use a content writing service like Aagilemedia. We are experts at developing content that prioritises the demands of the audience, includes relevant keyword phrases, and persuades readers to choose your brand above the competition.

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