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Our Email Marketing Services

Email is still very important in marketing. Emails can be used for a variety of purposes, including permission-based outreach, customer and partner communication, corporate communication, and so on. A well-crafted email combined with a well-designed landing page should be an essential component of any marketing campaign. The full-service offering from Aagilemedia can provide you with everything you need to run a successful email campaign, including copy, design, CRM and Marketing Automation integration, and reporting.

Email Marketing Strategy


Email marketing, like any other marketing activity, requires a strategy. Before proceeding, we work with you to establish clear goals, select and configure the most useful tools and services, define the parameters for any segmentation, clean the database, and craft the message, schedule, and workflow for the upcoming campaign.

Writing Email Campaigns


Any email campaigns you need can be written by our professional and experienced team of email marketing consultants. Whether it’s sales emails, one-time customer emails, whole sequences, newsletters, or anything else that will help you engage with customers more effectively, driving sales and revenue.

Email Marketing Automation


Automating aspects of the process is one way to improve the effectiveness of email marketing and sales. When a new sales lead enters the funnel, for example, they can be automatically added to a sales drip email campaign or newsletter, as well as a CRM system. That way, they get something of value right away, you stay on their radar, and the likelihood of a customer making a purchase increases.

Audience Segmentation


Every customer is distinct. However, you cannot send completely personalised campaigns to each and every one of them. Instead, in email marketing, the best way to ensure groups of customers receive the same messages at the right times and in the right way is to segment campaigns. We can craft and schedule the most relevant messages to the audiences that will respond to them and take the actions you require using segmentation.

A/B Testing Campaigns


We can provide an extra layer of insight with A/B testing if you want peace of mind that your campaigns are working. We can segment a portion of your audience and then conduct A/B tests to determine the most effective and powerful messaging to achieve the desired results.

Email Campaign Setup


Whatever service you already use or want to use, we can set it up and connect it to any other marketing systems you require. Emails can be linked to websites, analytics, automation systems, and CRM systems. Once the campaign copy and marketing assets are created, Aagilemedia gets it up and running smoothly, tested, and ready to go.